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Our Values


do no harm

Recover was founded to help people struggling with addiction. We are dedicated to helping all patients, without exception or compromise. If we do not think we can help, we will do our best to find someone who can.

Patients come first – always. We are here to serve our patients and are committed to remembering that charge and honoring that trust every day.


remember our mission




We believe that community is vital to overcoming addiction, which is why our program partners with communities to treat addiction. We work with other organizations to support our patients in all aspects of their life.

We are dedicated to inclusive treatment and work to ensure our programs serve all who need them, regardless of geography, history, or income. We believe that best-in-class treatment should be available to everyone and are working to make that belief a reality.


everyone matters

Recover is an evidence–based program. We are constantly tracking and incorporating the latest research, and using data to improve our programs. Addiction is a medical problem not a moral one, and we treat it accordingly.


follow the data

We believe in meeting our patients where they are. Everyone’s journey is different, and we are here to help. That is why Recover strives to improve the lives of our patients regardless of where they are on that journey.


prioritize progress

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