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Effective, ondemand
substance use treatment

No waitlist
Same-day enrollments
In-network with Medi-Cal
Telehealth option

Let's Recover

Recover provides effective, accessible, and innovative substance use treatment with a telehealth option. We partner with state and local governments to help combat substance use in their communities.


Our methods have been shown to be effective for over 70% of patients


Through our telehealth option, services can be accessed by anyone with a computer or smartphone


We leverage data, technology, and novel clinical protocols to provide best-in-class treatment

Medical Care • Care Coordination • Counseling


We provide comprehensive treatment featuring medical care, care coordination, and counseling. You will have a dedicated team to help with all aspects of your substance use and behavioral health challenges. Access to evidence-based care integrating medical treatment has been shown to improve outcomes for over 70% of patients.

Confronting an American Epidemic

20 M

Americans struggle with substance use

Over 20 million Americans struggle with substance use. Less than 10% get treatment, and even then, most methods are only effective for 8% of patients. Although medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can improve outcomes up to 10 times for substance use disorders, most treatment programs do not include medical treatment.

Recover is working to change that. We're an evidence-based, tech-enabled treatment program working to make best-in-class treatment available to everyone who needs it. We use scientific principles to expand access to treatment, reduce overdoses, and save lives. We are also committed to reducing the cost of treatment to save taxpayer dollars and allow more people access to recovery. That's why we're working to make substance use treatment effective, accessible, and innovative.  


States  can't meet demand for MAT

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