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Partnering for Public Good

Recover was founded to help communities combat addiction. We partner with civic institutions, like county health departments, district attorneys, treatment facilities, and community colleges, to improve outcomes for patients and reduce costs. We customize our programs for the communities we partner with to make sure we're using our resources to best serve patients and partners.
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public health

We partner with communities to improve public health outcomes. We work with our partners to expand access to treatment and reduce negative health outcomes, including hepatitis transmission, HIV, and overdoses. Our medical approach is grounded in data, and we are committed to providing specialized treatment to all who need it.


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We are committed to our dual mission of serving patients and communities. In addition to improving patient outcomes, we are also committed to reducing the costs of addiction to communities. This means we reduce the cost of treatment to government partners. Data show our data-driven approach can reduce the cost and consequences associated with addiction, including overdoses, incarceration, recidivism, and healthcare.

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For many communities, access to evidence-based approaches and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is limited by local capacity. Even though MAT can improve patient outcomes and reduce overdoses, 40% of counties don't have a single prescriber licensed to prescribe buprenorphine, and many physicians are hesitant to treat Substance Use Disorder. Research shows that only 49% of people who need it have any access to MAT and patients frequently have to travel hours multiple times a month to receive treatment. We expand options for patients and our partners, by offering access to MAT for all who need it.

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We also help communities address political challenges to combating addiction. Frequently, while people may want people in their communtiy to get treatment, they don't want treatment facilities in their backyards. Or, while there may be a need, treatment facilities are hesitant to locate in certain areas due to an insufficient number of patients. We help address these challenges by providing best-in-class treatment from patients' homes, without any siting or capacity constraints. 

If your community would benefit from more options for treatment, please schedule a time to connect with our executive team. We'll schedule an introductory meeting to see how we can best serve your unique needs.

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