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Let's Recover

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol use, you can enroll in our online treatment program, clinically proven to be up to 10x as effective as traditional rehab at 10% the cost (or even for free).
You’ll work with a care team of medical professionals, certified counselors, and care coordinators to recover from home.
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what our patients say

"I'm very thankful that your program offer crisis intervention as needed, which would be a huge resource for me as I just lost my best friend."
"Everyone I have dealt with is extremely friendly, and above all patient. I’m sure dealing with addicts at various stages of recovery can at times be stressful but no one has made me feel like a burden. Very happy that I contacted you."
"I'm very happy and satisfied. Thank you so much for following up! My counselor is great! I feel very comfortable talking to her!"

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Get started by scheduling a free consultation with a care coordinator. You’ll be able to discuss our treatment program and decide if it’s the right fit for you.


Once you’re enrolled, you'll have access to our patient portal and schedule your first appointment. Treatment could even be free if you live in one of our partner communities.



Using our online patient portal, you’ll meet regularly with a medical professional, receive prescriptions for any medications, and start attending counseling sessions.


Medical Care

Addiction is hard. But medication can make it easier. That's why all our patients have access to medical professionals trained in addiction medicine. Our healthcare professionals can prescribe medications that bind to reward centers in the brain, stopping the feedback loop of addiction and making it easier to reduce or discontinue use. These medications have been shown to improve outcomes for over 70% of people and can help make recovery a little easier. After a brief intake session, our patients are connected to a provider who helps them decide the right program for them, and prescribes medication to help with withdrawal and substance use if appropriate. 

Care Coordination

Every patient is assigned a dedicated Care Coordinator. Your Care Coordinator will help guide you through treatment and connect you to resources in your community. We believe in whole-person treatment, and work to make sure our patients are connected with other community resources from education to housing, or whatever else they need. 


Community and growth is a key part of recovery. That's why all our patients have access to treatment from a master's-level counselor. Sessions are run by credentialed counselors who specialize in addiction and create an environment for patients to learn and grow in recovery. We focus on addressing the underlying causes of addiction as well as the symptoms to support long-term recovery. 

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